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Antoni D'Ocon: towards sustainable animation

Creator, actor, screenwriter, producer, director and in his spare time, as he says, "inventor and storyteller, Antoni was already very clear to the seven years that she would like to pursue was to film and television. At 17, he threw himself in the audiovisual sector. He created his own movie and he was in charge of distribution.

After a period in which it works as an actor in the late 70's created his own brand TM D'Ocon Films, where he developed the computerized D'Oc Animation System, unique and unusual so far, giving more flexibility to traditional animation. It was the first time that computer animation was produced for television in industry. He later introduced the 3D animation production. With "flash" format for the network, the development of multimedia applications and websites that complement and enrich their own productions.

In the nineties, D'Ocon achieved great success with the series The Fruittis, a production that, according to the magazine "Animation Magazine", making it one of the 15 most influential creators of the animation industry. This was followed by other television series with the same fortune: Delfy and his friends, Pocket Dragons, Sylvan, Scruff or Kumba Park. Antoni D'Ocon, always active and looking for new ideas, undertake new projects by creating and directing series and "animovies"-animated feature films "of global success, aimed at family audiences. With international co-producers such as Universal, TF1, FR2, BBC, BKN, Sony, Marina, Ellipsanime, Britt Alcroft, FOX, DIC, Millesime M6 and has achieved export success series. Among other productions, highlights, Kong, and Captain Frog Fracasse.

Apart from animation, D'Ocon has touched other areas as well received fiction telemovie The Mari, in coproduction with In Vitro and involving star Ana Fernandez, who achieved the highest ratings in some of the Spanish regional television, which is located between Canal 9, Canal Sur and TV3 of Catalonia. Antoni D'Ocon has managed to always print their audiovisual works all his personal touch and have been released with clear objectives:

Investigate, innovate, create and support all new forms of audiovisual communication, educate and entertain children and young people, reaching the entire family. Them enhancing civic attitudes and civic participation, and forming or helping to train all its employees, who later have swelled after the Spanish audiovisual sector.

Antoni D'Ocon has received throughout his career awards, among others, the prize given by Mix-TAC (Viewers Association) - in 1999 Scruff, for best animated series; Award National TV, in 2000, the creation of the mascot and the program Superena; 2003 Aqua Award Antoni D'Ocon for quality in business administration and 2009 Gaudí Prize, Best Animation Film "Scruff, a Christmas without Noel".

The new big bet is ENERTIPS, a series that begins with 26 chapters that defends and promotes, in an entertaining way, life on a planet more environmentally friendly, sustainable and advocating for energy saving survival of the planet. Once again, D'Ocon has surrounded himself with an excellent team and has enjoyed this time with support from the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Trade, and ICAEN IDEA (Institut Català d'Energia).